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The Audit committee, chaired by the Vice-Polemarch, shall be comprised of brothers in the chapter and will review the financial health of the chapter. The committee's findings shall be presented to the body at the next regularly scheduled meeting after the audit.
Committee chair: Brother Treyton Diggs,

Black and White
The black and white committee shall begin to formulate costs, time and place of the black and white as soon as the budget has been approved by the financial membership.
Committee chair: Brother Darren Mire,

Chapter By-Laws
The By-laws committee, chaired by the Keeper of Records, shall review and make recommendations for changes to the chapter’s by-laws.
Committee chair: Brother Chris Newsome,

The budget committee, chaired by the Vice-Polemarch, shall meet with the board of directors to formulate a budget for review and approval of the membership. The budget shall be presented to the body at the September meeting.
Committee chair: Brother Treyton Diggs,

Founders' Day
The founders’ day committee is a joint committee with representatives from the Kenner and Gretna Alumni chapters. The committee plans the annual celebration of the founding of the fraternity between January 1 and February 28. The founders' day celebration is a closed event.

Guide Right
The guide right committee shall plan, execute and evaluate programs and activities for high school age African American males designed to develop leadership, achieve academic success, further their career aspirations and nurture their growth and development as men.
Brother Gregory Alexander,

The nominating committee shall advance a slate of officers for election each fraternal year.

Scholarship and Achievement
The scholarship and achievement committee shall determine the process and the criteria for the distribution of scholarships to students pursuing a college degree and determine ways to recognize chapter and community members for outstanding achievement. The total dollar amount to be awarded in scholarships is determined by the board of directors on an annual basis.
Committee chair: Brother Timothy Glaude,

Social and Civic Action
The social and civic action committee plans, implements and evaluates programs and activities for the chapter and local communities such as clothes drives, holiday baskets, UNCF Walk/Run, Sunday brunch, Big Brothers Big Sisters events, etc.
Committee chair: Shawn Vinnett,